Luv Shack Records is an independent record label based in Vienna, Austria, specializing in electronic music. The label was founded in 2010 by a group of DJs and producers with a shared passion for house, disco, and various forms of electronic music. Luv Shack Records has gained recognition for its distinctive sound and has released numerous successful tracks over the years.

Luv Shack Records has a diverse roster of artists, both established and emerging, who contribute their unique styles to the label’s discography. The label focuses on promoting quality music that combines elements of classic and contemporary sounds, often incorporating soulful, funky, and deep vibes.

The label’s releases span a variety of formats, including vinyl, digital downloads, and streaming platforms. Luv Shack Records has put out a significant number of EPs, singles, and remixes, showcasing a range of talent within the electronic music scene.

While Luv Shack Records is primarily known for its musical output, the label also hosts parties and events, providing a platform for artists to connect with their audience and share their music in a live setting. These events often feature label showcases and guest performances, further contributing to the label’s presence in the electronic music community.

Luv Shack Records continues to grow and evolve, maintaining its commitment to quality music and fostering a supportive environment for artists. It has established itself as a respected label within the electronic music landscape, attracting a loyal following of fans who appreciate its distinctive sound and artistic vision.


Luv Shack Records c/o M.A.R.T. - Verein zur Förderung urbaner Musik und Kunst in Wien Sporkenbühelgasse 3/13 A-1090 Wien