Hungry for biscuits? Look no further, as the third batch of Disco Biscuits is fresh out of the oven at Luv Shack headquarters!

On the A side we have Lee Stevens “Theme for Disco Biscuits” , a modern Italo stomper with heavy synth work and delicious sprinkles of breakbeat, sitting alongside Endrik Schröders „Infinity“, an ecstatic, upbeat Synth-Disco hybrid that is generously coated in syrup made from 80s Hi-Energy and early nineties scandinavian Disco.

The B Side opens with “One Of A Kind”, a slowly baked house chugger by Jakobin & Domino, taking its time to rise and develop a rich and deep flavour before the Golden Boogie Connection hit us with “Dull Grey”, a laid back Disco affair that is topped with a slab of Acid, which is neither dull nor grey!

Luv Shack Records · V.A. – Disco Biscuits #3