Lee Stevens returns to Luv Shack Records for his first solo EP in over ten years, after exploring a more relaxed sound under his Rising Seed moniker.

The opening track “Right On” creates a sonic universe where Ennio Morricone and John Carpenter have joined forces to make synth heavy dance music.

„Maskaron“ sounds like a full homage to new wave and the obscure side of italo disco, topped with chanting reminiscent of 1970s western movies.

On “Trippin´ On Your Love” Lee Stevens taps into early proto-house and synth-dance, complete with arp bass and occasional breakbeats.

Track number four, “Ju Know,” features Lee Stevens and long-time collaborator Simonlebon in a moody, upbeat jam with heavy low-end synths, bittersweet vocal samples, and 80s pop-style piano chords.

Finally, the closing track “Destruction” features tight 808 drums accompanying a dark bassline and eerie vocals, with uplifting synth chords reminding us there is still hope.

Luv Shack Records · Lee Stevens – Maskaron EP | LUV041