The dynamic duo of ROTCIV and Das Komplex are back on Luv Shack Records to finish off what they started with the “Magic Silk #1 EP” in 2019.

Das Komplex’ “Jak Mozna Nie Mówic O Pesymizmie” (wich translates to “how can you not speak about pessimism”) is boasting with psychedelic effects, polish spoken words and a plethora of funky disco tropes, all cumlinating in a 10 minute super disco jam.

Hot on the heels come two ROTCIV remixes of Das Komplex’ “Silk” from the first Magic Silk EP. The “Electric Dub” is a broken electro workout with a tight industrial beat, lush synth patterns, dubbed out percussions and an array of weird FX. The “Transmix” comes with a driving 4tothefloor groove and an italo-esqe synth bassline at the heart of the mix, while still maintaining the pittoresqe atmosphere of the original with layers of heavily mangled effects.

On “Space Explore”, ROTCIV constructs a complex slow burner, setting up an eerie atmosphere of digital soundbytes, vocal snippets, ghostly strings and fat synth pads on top of a cosmic disco groove.

Lastly, Das Komplex remixes “Your Highness”, adding a classic disco groove with lots of analog percussion, funky guitars and a quirky synth bass-sequence, creating instant euro-disco nostalgia.