In these strange and uncertain times we find ourselves even more eager to release new music by Luv Shack Records’ core artists. During some very sunny and inspiring recording sessions last Summer Luv Shack´s own Lee Stevens and musical brain Martin Arnold teamed up to form a new band, channeling the legendary spirit of the 90s Downbeat sound of Vienna. After having written a bunch of tracks it seemed a logical step to involve more friends and musicians into their project. Lee´s long term classmate and bass player Pheech could not be asked twice and joined the jams as well as singer Myla and other fellows, so that the full ensemble now consists of bass, flute, guitar, sax and of course Lee´s amazing collection of analog gear and samples.

The “Come With Me EP” comes with four original songs exploring various tropes of jazz infused electronica, plus two remixes by austrian artists Oberst & Buchner and Lukas Poellauer.

The title track “Come With Me” features hazy vocals by singer Myla protruding from a thick sonic carpet of live sax, vibes, double bass and eerie guitar chords. The jazz-tingled instrumental is tied together by a chugging beat that takes us back to the halcyon days of trip-hop.

“What I Mean” takes the “Rising Seed” recipe of live sax and double bass and pairs it with a funky uplifting beat, mellow rhodes and samples from the dustiest of crates.

On “Train To Kismarton”, Lee Stevens shows off his love for spaghetti western films and movie quotes, merging balearic house with western guitars and chants that hark to back Morricone soundtracks – let’s call it Desert-House!

The laid back instrumental of “Without You” is perhaps the most low-key track on the EP, but with its lush blend of hammond chords, pan flute and classic drum-breaks, it perfectly fits the signature sound of Lee Stevens` “Rising Seed” moniker.

The Austrian stars of the new downbeat movement and “Heimlich” head honchos Oberst & Buchner apply their unique sonic wizardry to the remix of “Come With Me”, embedding the vocal in a tight oriental house structure with a dramatic break and a second half that boasts with heavy-synth energy.

Rising talent Lukas Poellauer delivers a house remix of “Without You” that captures the essential jazzy mood of the original, but adds a plethora of ghostly strings, chord stabs a touch of TB-303.