Austrian imprint Luv Shack Records is opening up yet another chapter in 2018 by welcoming Irish House and Techno afficionado and Misfit resident Andrew Johnston AKA Moodtrax and his own-brand of super warm and brooding sound to their stable.

The ‘Perfect Illusion EP’ opens up with ‘Never Can get Away’, a steamy & dreamy cut that sucks you right in to its lair of thick pads and trancy sequences, wich are contrasted by a carefully programmed synth bassline and a stomping house beat.

The title track immediately evokes early chicago warehouse jam feelings, with bass sequence, detuned chords and classic drum patterns all oozing of old analog Roland machines. The meticulously arranged percussions section and a set of eerie strings and pads make this one definitely stand out from the crowd.

‘Running Number’ starts as a no-nonsense house track, carried by a beefy unisono bassline and a 16th note heavy drum pattern, yet it trancsends into 80s territory with the help of a deeply emotional chord progression that might just make you forget you’re in a club.

Berlin Duo Longhair give ‘Running Number’ the Luv-Remix treatment, really digging deep into that chord progression and building a melody and synth-bell infused italo-house track around it that should make this years festival crowd weep and rejoice alike.