For their first release in 2016, Luv Shack Records are working with home grown talent once again, this time introducing the „Walking Dead EP“ by Neon Amish, a new project by label co founder Lee Stevens and Curley Sue.

The first track “Wake Up” is featuring Space Echo and the vocal talents of Tarek Farwati, the singer of Austrian band Chronic City. With big pads and catchy melodies, “Wake Up” harks back to the 80s while never falling short of delivering whats expected from a dancefloor tune.

“Destiny“ follows a much darker path, with a dense arpeggiated synth bass, detuned stabs and an occasional acid line transporting the tune into techno frenzy territory.

The title track “Walking Dead“ is arguably the most delicate tune on the EP, building a thick carpet of synthetic strings, twisted leads and a bottom heavy bassline on top of a 90s drum groove.