LUV012 sees Luv Shack regulars Burnin’ Tears and Jakobin & Domino return to their old strengths on this split EP. This is a serious dancefloor affair!

First off we have two tracks by Simonebon and Lee Stevens, who have once again joined forces as Burnin Tears.

“Permanent Midnite” is a slow and undeniably 80’s flavoured groover, that evokes even stronger “disco-era feelings” when the dreamy voice of greek singer Georges Perin kicks in. The trademark dub elements give this vocal track the Burnin Tears feel for real!

“U Don’t Get Me” is arguably the most dancefloor oriented Burnin Tears production to date, and it features label mate Jakobin. There’s a shuffling beat, some intriguing chords and a sweet vocal line – basically all you need for a modern house track, right? But these guys are taking it a little further by adding airy strings and an almost balearic piano to the equation. Island vibes!

On the flipside there’s a double dose of House according to Jakobin & Domino.

“Need a Dance” bows to chicago and detroit origins with strong chords and a vocal loop that will have every head turning and rump shaking at a party. The quirky modern beat contrasts the other elements nicely, so that this track never feels like a mere imitation of early house.

Jakobin & Domino’s second track is called “Always There” and it’ll grab you with it’s persistant, chuggy vibe! A dry beat and a detuned organ sitting next to a bass, repeated vocals and weird strings are all it takes to keep this one going, and like a train it just keeps on going!

“I Need Your Love” is a special Jakobin & Domino digital bonus track. It’s a very soulful and rather laidback piece with an electro touch. When the distinctive bassline is joined by a sweeping pad in the second half of the track, the intensity reaches its peak and will probably do unexpected damage to any crowd.

With LUV012, Luv Shack Records have once again proven that they will not rest or just go with the flow!

Mastered by Patrick Pulsinger at Feedback Studio Vienna.
Mastercut by Dubplates & Mastering Berlin.