Sixth instalment from the Shack and another generous exult in aural pleasing for the intelligent of House heads out there. Two original tracks, two in-house remixes, you know the score with these guys…this is how they work.

Key to the label and artists success is being reliable and consistent with the flow, something obviously being picked up as the label once again is topping the right charts and getting the props from the right people. Expect no different with 006.

This time label stalwarts Jakobin & Domino turn on the burners and get among the beats and give us a something to cheer and chat about.Jackmeister’s J & D bang out “Squeeze Me” to start things off and it’s another compelling and infectious groove. It doesn’t let go and if you don’t feel totally squeezed by the end of it, then you probably wasn’t worth squeezing in the first place. Lots of Jack, lots of big soggy wet claps and massive dosages of dark dingy warehouse parties from back in the day.

LeSale do the honours with the ReMax of “Squeeze Me” and hit the drums just a little harder. Darker and denser, the rework is more forceful and a little more denoting the current and now.

“Lately” leads the flip and is in keeping with the Luv Shack philosophy of aesthetics. That continuum cosmic boogie groove rolls on forever, always infectious and quite possible contagious at the same time. Something that Luv Shack do really well, is “the groove”. It’s always extremely cooperative and considerate to what is around it.

Burnin Tears`s ReVice brings up the tail of this four tracker and is again another well-adjusted reworking. “Lately”gets a few more components and elements thrown into the mix but still keeping the track assertive and with a nice subtle authority to it. Again, from the Shack, good honest House music…from good honest people. Enjoy!