The boys are back….back with another banger too. Definitely the best little label doing the rounds around these parts of late. Vienna’s Luv Shack Records continue with the good groove venturing once again into suspenseful House and Disco.

This time the turn of LeSale to pull out the big thick juicy drums and chunky basslines for which Luv Shack is making a very respectful name for itself.Guaranteed heavyweight thump when you flop the needle to the left side every time with the Luv Shack.

Original mix of “We Go Straight Ahead” gets us off to the pristine start with a huge slice of modern Vienna Disco Funk. It’s tight, it’s tasty and the tempting vocal teases to the max.

Burnin Tears tear away some of the Funk but add the energy in a proper remix style for “We Go Straight Ahead”. The big trademark claps from the guys get the thing moving, and I mean moving. Style all the way too with textures and woven sound giving it the elegant tactile quality which is missing from so much of todays music.

B Side begins with “What You Get” in its original guise. Again, another thumping humping banger with a cheeky sample of something to tease the living daylights out of you and me! Nice prodding too of the synth aiding and abetting this classy little musical mood swinger. And what about that “little bell”? I definitely want that shit on my new bike.

And finally, Jakobin & Domino get a shot to remix “What You Get”. ‘Last but not least’ goes the saying. Or should we say ‘leave the best to last’? What a great remix from the J&D, flexing their musical muscles big time with some seriously deep House. Just turn off the feekin’ lights for this one and get totally lost and submerged. A deep serene, almost tranquil groove, I was just as comfortable listening to it lying down on a sofa, as I would be dancing upright like a nutcase at a club. Love it!

Mastered by Patrick Pulsinger.
Mastercut by Dubplates & Mastering.