“Vacances en Afrique” is a beautiful and an extremely elegant track from Lee Stevens & Domino. Soft, soulful and warming, gently and breeze like, fans of Mr. Fingers or Blaze will know exactly the score. The guys throw in the softest handclaps just to remind you that this was indeed produced at the Luv Shack. Beautiful! Next track comes with some dope acid, so be warned.

Burnin Tears and their glorious debut track for Luv Shack “Confessions” gets the ROTCIV treatment. Brilliant little make over from Mister Mistery man who indeed knows what to do to make a floor fill. Actually, I can hear a little Larry Heard in this too come to think of it. Something like “The Sun Can’t Compare”.

B-Side starts off with more fireworks, this time from guest DJ Rocca. “Ring Bell” is another that harks back to the glorious generation of classic Chicago and Detroit. Firing on all cylinders and taking no prisoners along the way, it’s simply a dance record and confesses to be nothing more or less. Fat and wobbly, chucky and thick, sounds that hit you from all angles. If was driving a car to this song, I’d get a frigging speeding ticket.

Finally, Radio Diffusion from Linz here in Austria do the do with a banging remix for Jakobin & Domino’s “Struggle”. This track appeared in its original form back on LUV002 and was really well received from fans of the Shack. Good idea then for the guys to relive it with a full on interpretation from some home grown talent! Niceness!

Big thanks to all contributors, especially the guests on LUV010 who have supported the label and helped Luv Shack on its musical journey.