After two stellar Split EPs with Das Komplex, Brazilian sound wizard ROTCIV delivers his first Solo EP on Luv Shack Records. With 4 intricate original cuts and a Massimiliano Pagliara remix, the Elev8tion EP is a bold testament to modern EBM.

The titular track sets the stage with a firework of dramatic synths, brash elektro beats and a fluttering acid line, finding a perfect balance between dancefloor appeal and leftfield quirkiness.

Italian maestro Massimiliano Pagliara remixes “Elev8tion” in a straightforward fashion, opting for a percussion heavy drummachine pattern, a driving bassline and additional synth melodies, yet incorporating the original 303 to great effect.

On “Unbelievable”, ROTCIV lays out a complex carpet of alternating arpeggios, heavily automated synth melodies and an array of weird vocal snippets, atop a minimalistic electronic drum track. “Muquifo”, which literally translates to flophouse or dump (or shack?), is a slow burning breakbeat track with eerie strings and tripped out acid melodics, making it a hot contender for future afterhours.

“The Morning After” is a similarly low slung track, with a broken beat and a distinct industrial flair, yet the synth melodies strike a more hopeful chord and have an almost cinematic feel to them.