Luv Shack Records’ newest EP marks the 26th release on the label, and its a classic split affair by stalwart Artists Space Echo and Jakobin & Domino.

Space Echo’s “My Heart, My Soul” evokes the best feelings we have for sample heavy filter house, but manages the transition to modern club standards effortlessly, and elegantly.

“Party Together” is Space Echo in full on laid back funk territory at the start, but quickly turns into a deep and highly addictive stomper that just gets more intense as it goes along.

Jakobin & Domino bring us “You Want My Love”, a disco infused house jam that overflows with sultry vocals, moody fender rhode hooksa and a super catchy drum sample.

“Filter Queen” is a full on party track that is basically eponymous, but Jakobin & Domino amp up the classic theme (house beat & filtered sample) with a modulated synth sequence, a few well timed fx and a funky beat to boot.