Hard Ton’s second remix EP on Luv Shack Records comes packed with five more exclusive reworks.

Parisian producer, rapper and singer Kiddy Smile reworks ‘Party Hard Ton’ into a glossy slow acid groover, with cheeky 90s pan flutes and a bassline that screams eurodance.

Lee Stevens and Audio Red from the Luv Shack camp put ‘Party Hard Ton’ into a rough house corsett, with industrial sounding drums, sirens and an earth shattering bassline.

‘Never Give Up’ gets the ROTCIV treatment, and is transformed into a synth ladden bastard between italodance and early trax acid house, whilst still maintaining a perfect song structure.

The nextl track sees Kelton Prima remix ‘Cold Sweat’ ft. Space Echo, working with Max’ vocal around a highly known boogie sample that’s juiced up with original keys and fat disco drums.

Shenzen resident Tomasz Guiddo takes ‘The Way You Rock’ on an upbeat, Hip-House journey with intricate drum programming, classic M1 Organs and a super effective and un-cringy live saxophone to boot played by Mantono.