Hot on the heels of the Hard Ton album release, Luv Shack presents a crispy, fresh and exclusive set of remix EPs!

On the first EP, we have the Gemini Brothers, giving us their very own brand of slowly evolving trippy chugger, turning into an acid monster midway.

Andrew Soul’s remix is a classic stripped back house affair, building up heavy string soundscapes, and an irresistible acid bassline around Max’s subtly whispered vocals.

A distorted kick, accompanied by a classic breakbeat, builds the foundation for Sebastian Voigt´s synth driven remix of “Queer Nation” which manages to build up maximum club euphoria, whilst capturing the spirit of the original.

Chicago’s very own Alinka revamped “Stumbling ft. Johnny Woo” with tight techno drum programming, detuned modular sequences a relentless synth bass and creatively chopped bits of Both original vocals.

Lastly Perseus Traxx delivers a stunning rendition of “Shine By Night ft. Snuff Crew”. With cleverly programmed warehouse-esque drums, the original piano line, exalting Acid sequences and making use of the full vocal, this Remix is both classic and off kilter.