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Hard Ton is the love child of singer Max and producer Mauro. What is essentially a two man music combo, has transformed into a project dedicated to exploring and embracing the vast diversity of house music with all its various scenes and schemes.

Their first full album “Party Hard Ton”, released on Luv Shack Records, is about the uniting culture of partying. The styles are as diverse as the artist featured; from dark acid tunes like “Queer Nation”, “Never Give Up” and “Stumbling” ft. Jonny Woo to playful pop tunes “Right Now” ft. Spiller and “Cold Sweat” ft. Space Echo.

Tracks like “Yeah Yeah” ft. Moralez & Sames, “Can You Feel The Love” and “The Way You Rock” ft. Mirror People channel early 80’s Chicago house, whilst “Shine By Night” ft. Snuff Crew, “Style Ga-Galore” ft. ROTCIV and “Party Hard Ton” have a more jackin’ 90’s vibe. “Happy House” is Hard Ton`s most modern outing and the blissfully reduced “Be My Spell”, a twisted ballad ft. Adriano Canzian, is perhaps the most intimate track on the release.

Party is mostly a feeling, an attitude. And that’s the idea behind these collaborations on the album, with people Hard Ton have met and became friends with over the last seven years.

01. Hard Ton – Party Hard Core
02. Hard Ton – Queer Nation
03. Hard Ton – Yeah Yeah feat. Moralez & Sames
04. Hard Ton – Happy House
05. Hard Ton – The Way You Rock feat. Mirror People
06. Hard Ton – Right Now feat. Spiller
07. Hard Ton – Party Hard Ton
08. Hard Ton – Can You Feel The Love
09. Hard Ton – Style Ga – Galore ft. ROTCIV
10. Hard Ton – Be My Spell feat. Adriano Canzian
11. Hard Ton – Stumbling feat. Jonny Woo
12. Hard Ton – Shine By Night feat. Snuff Crew
13. Hard Ton – Never Give Up (Digi Bonus Track)
14. Hard Ton – Cold Sweat feat. Space Echo
15. Hard Ton – Tessio (CD Ghost Track)
16. Hard Ton – Disco Machine (iTunes Exclusive)