“If it isn´t broken don´t fix it” goes the saying. And that is definitely the case with Luv Shack 002. After a brilliant opening with 001 why indeed change a winning recipe? So the good people of Luv Shack have done the right thing and opted with another sampler from the same personal and another stonking EP from the boys from Vienna. The exciting thing about the last release was the consistency with all four artists and tracks picking up props from various parts of the Globe. The quality control department at Luv Shack records is obviously in supreme working order with yet another fantastic four for the floor to report on.

Once again, LeSale leads the way like he did on LUV001 with “On the Beach” First thing that hits you is the pull on that bass string. It wobbles from here to eternity and I got to question the size of the fingers of the Mutha that pulls that string. Got the build ups too with some big multi-tier action. Not just happy to sit in monster groove, it´s got some serious breaks and some shake downs that take you definitely to the next level. All about building it up, yeah!

The return too of Burnin Tears is most welcome. Super tight and precise, and with a beautiful warmth and lush deepness. The sort of track I wanna hear in complete darkness. Big claps and hypnotic snyths hold “How I Feel”together, and the pitched down vocal snippet is just plain sexy. I sometimes wish everyone would talk in real life pitched down to this sort of sound.

The B-Side gets off to a flyer with Jakobin & Domino´s “Struggle”. The nice big healthy dosage of “Jack” in this track is sure to make this a big winner right around peak time. The big throbbing bass also is bound to bust out a sweat in some unsuspecting punter on a dancefloor somewhere.

And as last time, Mr. Lee Stevens brings up the rear with ”Reapers of Luv”. Last not least is an apt saying too in this case with this being an absolute stormer and wonderful musical journey. A monstrous moody looping rhythm and some magical interplay make this an epic track to get things really going. Huge!