With a little patience and a lot of finesse, Jakobin & Domino cooked up a fine new five track House EP for Luv Shack Records.

The eponymous opener “Lost Memories” effortlessly blends jazzy rhodes and emotive string samples with a funky percussive track and a stomping four to the floor beat.

“Hypnotica” delivers what the title suggests; haunting arpeggios go hand in hand with eerie 7 chords and hushed vocal samples, albeit with a jacking groove laying the foundation.

On “Molecules”, Jakobin & Domino evoke classic Chicago house vibes with a shuffling beat, a funky synth bass and uplifting chord stabs to boot.

The arguably most classic J&D sounding track on the EP is “Needed”, a hard hitting joint that blends a sombre piano chord progression with dreamy acid lines, evoking major dub house feelings.

“Unbogeba” is a laid back slice of deep house that nicely wraps up the EP, with a lingering afro vocal sample and super lush organ chords, it’s the perfect track for hazy afterhours.

supported by SKE Fonds:

Luv Shack Records · Jakobin & Domino – Lost Memories EP | LUV034