Early 2013 brings new niceness from the Luv Shack. Head honcho, Simonlebon teams up with other Luv Shackers, and comes good with his own lick. Simonlebonhas been providing quality through his DJ’ing and productions in recent years, good to see his name at the forefront of this release.

Buddies help out of course, and first to fly is the collab with Jakobin on ‘Can’t Do With You’. Warm and flowing, as is the norm with the LS crew through seven previously wonderful releases. Gentle builds entertain; claps with sunny smiles, and zestful and effective chords do the job admirable. Indeed, you just can’t do without this kind of groove in a set.

LeSale joins forces with Simonlebon for ‘So Many’. Punchier and throwing bigger hits, it’s destined to work up a sweat. Tasty piano, vocal treats, and a tip of the cap to dirty Detroit and classy Chicago do await the floor.

Flip it over on the 12” for ‘All I Can’ and you get more excellence this time containing the fine work of Lee Stevens aiding and abetting Simon. The most atmospheric track on the EP with subtle hints and notes of mystery and lost romance. A sexy and classy ‘bridge’ brings it all home again, and takes it a little further down the road. Gorgeous track!

Finally, Domino lends a helping hand with ’Second Chance’. Again, the mood is majestic and divine. True House music has always contained the pervading tone of life and love, and this is where Luv Shack always come through.

New and old, today and yesterday, you hear it in all their releases. Lights off and listen…and get lost.