Younger Than Me is the new project of Marcello Carozzi & John Ming: Milan based, they are well know in the city electronic music landscape. Former residents of Voyage parties at Tunnel Club, they came along two years ago with Younger Than Me, which calls an intersection between two generations, the union among two friends who share the same point of view.

A crossover between post-disco, new wave, house and electronic, the Younger Than Me style is recognizable in all their productions, with the inevitable 80’s twist that inspires the duo since the beginning.

Honey EP, their first release – featuring remixes from Massimiliano Pagliara – was released in March 2016 on the Dutch label Bordello A Parigi. Younger Than Me had the honor to kick-off the 5 year anniversary vinyl series. In October 2016 Younger Than Me remixed for Hard Ton´s “Queer Nation” released on Luv Shack Records.