SPACE_ECHO_370x370In Space, it has been said, no-one can hear you scream, yet if you listen carefully you will hear a distinct Space Echo.

The two gentlemen behind this Space Echo ( est: 2013 ) are the Austrian artists caTekk & Lee Stevens and within their echo are elements of classic 70ties, 80ties Disco & New Wave with just a touch of John Carpenter and, of course, this Space Echo is re-produced by their trusty robot friend Roland.

Epic in their production layout, their music contains all the ingredients one needs for the work out on the dancefloor, at the same time a layered structure of the art of DJing can and should be noticed. The element of surprise, an important factor in all good DJ sets, is obvious in their productions. Their production and live set up is a combination of both old school analogue and new day digital with caTekk standing for pefectionism behind the machines whilst Lee Stevens adds Space Echo`s distinct, polished roughness.

The music from Space Echo has indeed left an echo in the online world: No.1 in the Juno charts with their tune “Soul Power” for over 3 months, this piece of music is one of Juno`s top 5 ever selling House tunes. On the Austrian Radio station FM4, their remix for Austra´s “Home” also reached #1 in FM4s weekly music charts.

After their chart topping second Release “Come Back Home” on their Home Label Luv Shack Records the guys prepared some fresh stuff for Kumasi Music London and Light My Fire Berlin where their new Journey Ep will come out on Jan. 23rd 2015.  Space Echo have already performed in L.A , Berlin, Vienna and at the Frequency Festival in St.Polten, Austria .

Musically, an Austrian duo with one ear in the past and one ear pointing towards the future, something unique to look out for in the coming months.