SIMONLEBON_250x250Simonlebon has been travelling around Europe since the late 90ties trying to push boundries with his music.

His sets melt House, Disco, Techno and Dub together into a floating mix. Simon also fulfilled these expectations as promoter & founder of Project East, a platform to force and promote cultural exchange in eastern Europe.

After the founding of Tjumy Records Simon, at the end of the 00ties, started to release his first music together with Crisco and Lee Stevens under the moniker Whare.

Simon and Lee Stevens had been working in Viennas Market club as resident DJs and bookers and also as co-hosts of Diskoblitz & The Usual Suspects and are now concentrating on their new project Burnin Tears and the managment of Luv Shack Records they founded together with LeSale and Jakobin & Domino in 2011.