ROTCIV_370x370ROTCIV has been DJing since 1996, contributing and spreading the electronic music culture in his native Brazil.

Since 2008 he manages Mister Mistery, a label focused on house music, particularly focused on old and classic influences from 70s, 80s and 90s with a truly contemporary edge and unique sound.

In Berlin since 2010 he has been playing at the most cool and exciting parties and clubs, from Horse Meat Disco, Cookies, About Blank, Cocktail Damore,Katerholzig and Wilde Renate to world acclaimed Panorama Bar, the legendary Live At Robert Johnson and most cities abroad Europe. Also since 2010 has a project with italian-born-Berlin based producer Massimiliano Pagliara “The Rimshooters”

Currently releases music under labels: Luv Shack, Unterton (Ostgut Ton) Skylax , Lovemonk, Slow Motion , Pizzico, Rebirth, Live At Robert Johnson, D-EDGE, Rainbow Socks, his own and more.