ROCCO_RAIMUNDO_370x370The prodigal son of funk, Rocco Raimundo is the bi-product of synthesised disco lines and stage-worthy orchestral compositions.

A young Rocco spent his childhood running amongst the vineyards of Bordeaux, Cerrone playing through his portable 8-track player.

Living on the dreams of the past, Rocco packed his 24-track tapes, 33s, 45s and 78s into his drop top Lancia Beta, and made his way to Monte Carlo.

Escaping the night-charms of the Monaco, he eloped on a journey through Pollo Erotico into the future. Adjusting that Flux Capacitor nestled neatly between two scantily clad playmates, that flavour of musical jam that made women adulterate can now be consumed once again.

The linen is pressed, candles lit. Tone arm down.