We welcome back our very own poster boys Jakobin & Domino with their 3rd EP for Luv Shack. Entitled Roshambo, J&D deliver a bumpy four tracker for your occasional night raves and summer daze.

Our boys are kicking things off shiny with its title track ‘Roshambo’ in an almost Motown-esque house affair way with soulful vocals and a funkadelic drum line.

‘Can’t Help It’ is heating things up next with a tight syncopated groove, chopped up chord stabs and a lush vocal line on top. As if this wouldn’t be enough, ‘Mooguai’ boasts in with a slick synth bassline and an hypnotic arp, underlaid with ethereal pulse strings and an upfront jazz-house beat.

EP closer ‘Polar 7’ harks back to the early days of house music, with witty 707 beats, a classic Juno bassline and a blissful organ theme to boot. Versatility that you shouldn’t miss out!

As a juicy bonus, we’ve asked young Austrian talent Lukas Poellauer to rework one of the tracks on the EP. What we got was a stunningly intense remix of ‘Polar 7’, boasting with gritty MPC beats and and a complex, intense structure.


Get it here:
Juno Records: bit.ly/2b0x6fp
Decks Records: bit.ly/2daj3qD
HHV.DE: bit.ly/2cTiOxC
Technique Japan: bit.ly/2dajCk5
Redeye Records: bit.ly/2bGEBcA
Oye Records: bit.ly/2bJmnqX
Bandcamp: bit.ly/2bttcMm
Prime Direct Dist: bit.ly/2cigOlH
Deejay.de: bit.ly/2c1lLOD
Juno Download: bit.ly/2bCKEhd
Beatport: btprt.dj/2ckPK40
iTunes: apple.co/2aXYNn3
Traxsource: bit.ly/2b8twiQ
Whatpeopleplay: bit.ly/2c3avOo
Spotify: bit.ly/2ct7JRK