James Rod is a true self made DJ and producer. Starting to spin in 1999, Jaime Rodriguez Navarro opted to make more out of his passion for disco music and began producing his own edits and originals. Since 2007, he’s released music on various digital and physical outlets and continues to be an eager DJ.

James Rod’s mix for the LUVCAST series gives a good impression of his taste and skills, including some fav Luv Shack tracks and remixes.

01. Chordashian – Black Eye(LeSale Remix)
02. Take the Cookies – White Haven(Olej Remix)
03. Burnin Tears – Just The Same
04. Richard Rossa – Hypovox(Heretic Remix)
05. Julian Sanza – Sunset(Yam Who Remix)
06. Julian Sanza – Dangerous(ROTCIV Remix)
07. Ooft – Make U Mine
08. Space Coast – Feeling Warm
09. Rabo & Snob – Here We Come
10. Space Coast – Please Release Me
11. Sleazy Mc Queen – Annadue(Ooft Remix)
12. The Ohohohs – Wu(Space Coast Remix)