The LUVCAST train keeps on going! Next up is a mix by the shimmering new project of Luv Shack Records’ cohorts Lee Stevens and Curley Sue by the name of Neon Amish.

Their productions hark back to the sombre side of pop, new wave and italo disco. But albeit the dedication to dark 80s kitsch, the Neon Amish vibe is very much rooted in the house sound of today.

The mix is very much showcasing their taste in music; there are grand gestures (Miami Vice classic ‘Crockets Theme’) and weirdness (Antonio Maiovvi) sitting prettily together.

01. Antoni Maiovvi – Ministry Of Death
02. DJ Rocca & Daniele Baldelli – A TV Show (Luke Solomon Remix)
03. Frida – I Know There’s Something Going On (Lindstrøm Remix)
04. Roland Tings – Devotion
05. Munk – The Wurlitzer Wank
06. Bird Of Paradise – And The Half Light
07. DJ Rocca & Daniele Baldelli – Pink Ghost (Jamie Paton Bassic dub)
08. Danny Daze feat. Kevin McPhee – Aqua
09. Ketsueki Sākuru – The Judge
10. FPU – Crockett’s Theme