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Unlike many other producers, LeSale doesn’t claim to have an obnoxious uncle with an insane record collection or a far away cousin who was a cult DJ in the disco-era – all his love and interest for collecting, playing and producing music was self-generated in his late teens, where he went from listening to over the top gangsta rap to vocal house, edging slightly on the latin & broken beat movement, whence he returned to house and finally touched base with disco music, quickly realising that all the music he loved evolved somehow from this truly inspiring genre.

Renowned for his elegant edits and clean style, LeSale’s work finds its’ way swiftly into a couple of mixes, digital DJ-Bags and some blogs on the interweb. In the depths of winter, 2011, he finally got connected with SimonlebonLee StevensJakobin & Domino to form the label Luv Shack Records in winter 2011.

With all hits and no misses, his contributions to the releases of Luv Shack got DJ support by the likes of The Magician, Leo Zero, Martin Brodin, Bicep, Rocco Raimundo and many more. He also produced remixes for Voyeurrhythm, Undertones & Audio Parallax.