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After moving to Vienna for study reasons and playing a lot in bars Lee Stevensfocused on a more electronic side of sound in the depths of the Black Market Vinyl store. He got into Drum&Bass, Techno and Electro until he found his true love: Deep House music in all its facettes.

As co founder of Sass Music Club Vienna and being responsible for booking he started his own weekly Clubnight “Sophisticated” there in 2007. Soon Simonlebon joined as co-resident and they developed their own mixture of Deep House vibes spiced up with Disco sounds and strong detroitish influences.

Their booking was eclectic, fresh and sometimes even oldschool. Ian Pooley, Jimpster, Deetron, Efdemin and Todd Terje are talking about good times when it comes to their nights in Vienna. Bookings to Sicily, Rome, Slovakia & Lithuania followed as well as many Tjumy Labelnigts and other nice events in Austria.

In 2008 Steve joined Crisco and Simons Whare project on Tjumy Records and they released a remix of Larissa Kapp´s “Lost Piano” getting excellent feedback on it. The guys also compiled a sampler for Sass Music Club and a vinyl teaser that soon charted on #1 in Juno´s Deep House and Disco sales. A sucessful remix for Matt Flores & Tyree Cooper´s Goozebumpz project followed.

In fall 2010 Steve quit his residency at Sass Music Club and focused on producing new tracks with Simon und their new moniker Burnin Tears. In 2011 they founded Luv Shack Records together with LeSale and Jakobin & Domino to have a platform for their own music.