JACQUES_RENAULT_370x370Locked in but loose, Jacques Renault keeps going and going. Deeper into disco, into the corners of house, turning little phrases into dance floor designs for life. Beam me up. No way out. These are our times. I know because I hear. I walked alone.

A classically-trained violinist who grew up in DC’s hardcore scene and cut his teeth working at Chicago’s legendary Gramophone Records, Jacques is half of the Brooklyn club jammers Runaway and co-owner of the fantastic On The Prowl Records with Marcos Cabral; the promoter behind one of New York’s best parties and newest labels, Let’s Play House, with the writer Nik Mercer.

And on his own as Jacques Renault, the creator of some of the biggest remixes of the last few years, turning tricks on tracks by Chairlift, Seun Kuti, Breakbot, Midnight Magic, Poolside, Holy Ghost, Buddy Holly, and YACHT.