Giuseppe Leonardi – Just the name itself, its heaven sent and its well deserved. He is on a journey, on a journey trough sounds – trying to catch the rules of music and thus the rules of life. Music represents a description of life – it is a language of its own.

One of the most dedicated musicians around, not doing it for money or fame but for the love of music and for the love of sharing music. The dedication comes straight from the heart – knowing that djing is not only about beautiful transitions, cuts or other skillfull tricks, but that its rather happening on an emotinal scale. Reading and catching vibes, working with the moment and with the power of music.

Giuseppe is not your ordinary Dj, blending comtemporary house music with afro & ethno music, disco in all ist facettes or calypso music and its all happening in rhythm and style. Hes conciously trying to break the rules of the art form – not happy being put in a box of a straight four to the floor house jock – and always trying to reinvent himself.

As a part of Tingel Tangel, one of the most unique party experinces you can have in vienna, giuseppe does not only fill vienesse clubs such as Grelle Forelle, Pratersauna, Celeste and more with his sound but also more unique locations and happenings, like in outdoor partys and at other public and private places. He manages to bring underground dance music out of the club into different public ears and context and its being well accepted.

Once talking to Guiseppe – we were out for dinner – we went trough his recordbag full of treasures , he was asking me what might catch the crowd tonight at his gig, „afro or acid?“.. which is probably the best description for the man himself.

written by Noel Daniel Dinse